Art Smart Studio is:
  • a place for Art workshops, classes, and creative team building sessions!
  • a place for Art birthday or other parties, like couples paint, or ladies night out!
  • a great place to learn, make friends, and have fun! 4-H'ers and scouts, welcome!
  • your community art project connection source; you choose the venue

Our mission is simple:

  • Give children and adults alike, access to art techniques and tools and make it Engaging!
  • Stimulate, release, and enhance the creativity that we all have lurking inside.
  • Create an atmosphere for artistic expression for individuals and groups alike

Students learn to use various materials, techniques and tools of the trade, to stretch their imaginations and reinforce their abilities. This includes but is not limited to, drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, textile, design, art critique, and all types of 3-D projects.

Students are introduced to artists of all backgrounds and styles, while further inspiration is offered through nature, poetry, stories, videos, personal experiences, current events, various cultures, and more; for fuel that sparks their imagination and develops that unique voice and style within their work.

Students at Art Smart studio can range from age 2 to 92, each being coached according to their own skill set and developmental progress.

Meet the Owner - Lorina Harris!